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GREAT NEWS! ACAP Featured in The Oregonian’s ‘Season of Sharing’ Wish Book

We are excited and very proud to be included in The Oregonian’s ‘Season of Sharing’ Wish Book.  ACAP owes a huge thank you to The Oregonian for including our organization in the Wish Book.  This will shed light on the need to support families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder and the services ACAP strives to provide.  This published piece will help us inform more families in our community and draw attention to our mission.  Please join us in thanking The Oregonian for their support of The Autistic Children’s Activity Program.

We are also grateful to the Strawn Family, featured in the article.  Their son, Tyler, like so many other children, has attended and benefitted from ACAP’s Summer Program.  They have helped us personalize the challenges that living with autism can present and we appreciate their willingness to be in the Wish Book.  Thank you Strawn Family!

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