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Autistic Community Activity Program, Inc. (ACAP)
(Formerly Autistic Children’s Activity Program)

            Mailing Address:                      Office Location:  
               P.O. Box 4606                              1900 S.E. Milport Road (at McBrod)
               Portland, OR 97208                       Milwaukie, OR 97222

PHONE: 503.649.2066
FAX:  503.908.0613







Board of Directors

Heather Colegrove, Chairman of the Board - Heather has two nieces who have attended ACAP for many years.  Seeing the positive effects ACAP has had on these two young women, Heather has a great desire to work with the organization in order to continue to build the program.  She has been a registered nurse for 16 years, working with both pediatrics and adults and currently at OHSU.  Heather has been involved with several successful fundraising projects, lending her experience to help ACAP.  She brings perspective from a healthcare standpoint to aid in building ACAP into a sustainable community resource for children and families.
Krista Kamin, President - Krista is married and the mother of an adult daughter with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  She was a science major at Oregon State University and has a small business background.  Krista has volunteered in the local autism community for years as well as for Gleaners and Girl scouts.
Erin Dow, Secretary - Erin brings small business and sociology education and experience to ACAP.  She believes in the ACAP summer program model as serving an otherwise unfulfilled need in the autism community. Erin is happily married and the mother of two beautiful boys, one whom has autism and has attended ACAP’s summer program for many years.  She is involved in the autism community as an advocate and volunteer.
Phyllis Stafford, Treasurer - Phyllis has wanted to be only two things in her working life…a school teacher and a flight attendant.  She feels fortunate enough to have been both.  Now she is contributing to ACAP.  Phyllis is married to a pediatric dentist who treats patients with autism and is the mother of two young men with autism, Mason and Spencer.  Always one to be positive, “Life is good,” is Phyllis’ outlook.
Robert Eric Brantley, Program Director
Eric is a US Army retiree.  He has over 20 years of experience with public relations, resulting in strong communication and customer service skills.  This, coupled with a college background and many years of employee management and supervision at different levels including performance, human resource issues, behavior evaluations and logistics, make him a great Program Director.  Eric also has experience with kids and teens having behavioral issues including mentoring, counseling and disciplinary management.  Eric has organized projects, managed personnel and brings a stable, well-rounded set of skills and a fun personality to the team.
David Kloucek- David began with ACAP in 2008, as a teacher’s assistant.  In 2010, he graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Education and a teaching endorsement.  This same year, he became an ACAP teacher, continuing his work with older clients.  David’s input is vital to operations of the summer program.
Steve Lutz
- Steve is close friends with a family in which one member has autism.  Through this friendship, he has learned about ASD and has a strong belief in ACAP’s mission.  He contributes his business background experience, among other talents, to our board. 
Steve has a BFA degree in art and a degree in teaching.  Following 3 1/2 years working as a teacher, he started his own company.  Fabric Art, Inc., printed and sold sportswear with company logos and printed artwork.  Steve worked hard, successfully grew the business for over 19 years and sold the company.  Currently, Steve owns and operates a creative marketing business, Lutz and Company, and lends his marketing skills to ACAP.


Autistic Children’s Activity Program is a not-for-profit, 501C3 corporation.  Tax ID # 94-3042607.